HANDEREK TECHNOLOGIES sp. z o.o. was established in January 2018 and is a continuation of a sole proprietorship run by Adam Hańderek under the name of “Recycling Technologies Adam Hańderek” operating since August 2015.

Adam Hańderek began research in the field of developing technology for processing waste plastics in 2004. Starting from the biofuel production technology industry in Germany – esterification and trans esterification of fats, including waste fats and free fatty acids, on acid catalysts (in cooperation with PKN Orlen), he moved to research and development works on technologies of thermal and thermo-catalytic processing of waste plastics into C1 – C24 hydrocarbon fractions.

In the years 2005 to 2017, 8 research installations on a quarter-technical scale were developed, testing a variety of different apparatus solutions in the field of thermal de-polymerization of waste plastics. Many of them have been patented in the country and in the world. The research tasks were aimed at finding an effective way of heating waste plastics while eliminating excessive coking of the raw material in the reactor and obtaining products boiling up to a maximum temperature of 360 ° C in one integrated process.

In 2014, Adam and his team had a paradigm shift and approached the problem in an innovative way. This led to the development of a new highly effective reactor with none of the by-product waste problems plaguing other technologies. The solution was registered for patenting and in 2017 obtained patent protection in Poland. In the same year, extension of patent protection internationally was filed.

In 2016, a research installation was established as part of a research contract with PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute (subordinate to the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology). Extensive tests were carried out in which the adopted process assumptions in batch technology were confirmed. Further research work focused on optimization of the process conditions which resulted in the next patent application filed in 2017. The registration of the patent application for the whole process allowed the invention to be presented at the fair of inventions and subjected to an international assessment.

In 2016, Technologie Recykligu came to the attention of Susan Kim-Chomicka. Impressed by the innovative technology, its environmental impact as well as the passion and dedication of Adam Hańderek and his team, she joined the group as an advisor and investor. In 2018, the company Handerek Technologies Sp.z o.o. was jointly founded as a continuation of the business activity of the company “Technologie Recyklingu Adam Hańderek“. Susan came on board full time to lead the efforts in the commercialization and business development of the new formed company.

The company, alone or together with PIMOT, received numerous awards for innovation achievements:

  • iENA Nuremberg, Germany, 2017 – Grand Prix
  • INNOVA in Barcelona, Spain, 2017 – Gold Medal with Distinction and Grand Prix in the category of industrial inventions.
  • ARCHIMEDES in Moscow, Russia, 2017 – Gold Medal with Distinction and the Cup of the Union of Engineers and Inventors of Russia.
  • INTARG in Katowice, Poland, 2017 – Platinum Medal, Grand Prix INTARG, Cup of the President of NOT (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations), and an individual award for Adam Hańderek – “Leader of Innovation” in the Personality category.
  • Belt & Road Initiative Innovation Fair in Chengdu, China, 2016 – Grand Prix and Star of Business Start-up.