EU & Polish waste plastic framework

  • Prohibition to store waste with a combustion energy above 6MJ/kg dry mass
  • Cement kilns/incinerators not willing to take waste for free with combustion energy below 25MJ/kg
  • Existing solutions like incineration are neither efficient nor commercially viable without subsidies
  • Ban of import of waste, introduced in January 2018 by China, which accepted 85% of plastic waste exports by EU, creates havoc on waste markets
  • European Strategy of Plastic in a Circular Economy published (16.1.2018) targets all plastic packaging
    be re-usable or easily recycled by 2030
  • 2014/94/UE directive (22.10.2014) aims at development of alternative fuels and equalization of treatment of waste plastic fuels with the ones of bio-components, hydrogen, LPG/LNG and electric energy. Fuels produced by Handerek Technologies would meet this directive.