Direct production of ready to use
transportation fuels from plastic waste


Handerek Technologies developed a technology enabling an effective and efficient recycling of mixed polymer (plastic) waste – in particular, of polyolefins (polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP and polystyrene PS). After recycling, the end product is EU normative diesel, gasoline fraction and jet fuel fractions.

Main characteristics:

  • Unwashed polyolefins mix used as feedstock
  • High recycling efficiency between 83-90% depending on mix of plastic
  • Minimal solid by-product – 1-2% dry carbon coke (commodity which can be sold)
  • Process designed to operate in a continuous mode
  • Process runs under atmospheric pressure and in low temperature
  • Process is energy self-sufficient providing gas and fuel used to operate it

Tested, awarded and patented

  • Process, end product fuels and emissions tested by PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute (subordinate to the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology)
  • Patent received in 2017, second patent pending
  • Grands Prix and Gold Medals awarded at largest innovation and technology fairs in Europe: iNEA, INNOVA, ARCHIMEDES and INTARG

Scheme of installation